Womens’ Circle raises funds for ultrasound disinfection unit

Womens’ Circle raises funds for ultrasound disinfection unit

Harney Hospital Foundation Manager Elisha Miller (right) presents a check to Imaging Tech Marcie Neher for the ultrasound disinfection unit.

On Sept. 29, Harney Hospital Foundation Manager Elisha Miller presented a $4,900 check to the Harney District Hospital (HDH) Imaging Department to help cover the purchase of an ultrasound disinfection unit. In addition to simplifying the disinfection process, this machine is safer and more effective than the traditional method.

Back in April, the Foundation hosted the annual Women’s Circle 100 event to raise funds for healthcare improvements in Harney County. In addition to enjoying dinner and drinks, attendees watched presentations about three pieces of equipment that were needed at HDH.

Physical Therapy Assistant Anna Cronin did a fantastic job of advocating for a new therapy table for HDH Physical and Sports Therapy. Darcy Crisp, the former interim director of HDH Family Care Clinic, showed a hilarious video created by the clinic’s staff to campaign for a new vision test machine. However, Imaging Tech Marcie Neher’s presentation on the need for an ultrasound disinfection unit stole the show and won the most votes.

Thank you to the following members of the 2021 Women’s Circle 100 for their contributions, which helped make purchasing the disinfection unit possible: Debbie Ausmus, Margaret Armstrong, Carolyn Bauer, Pauline Braymen, Steph Bonson, Sandra Cargill, Rachael Case, Michelle Crabtree, Robin Cramer, Darcy Crisp, Sharon Davis, Cherry Day, Family Eye Care of Harney County, Jennifer Keady, Erin Ferre, Karen Forster, Shirley Gillespie, Andrea Grigg, Jan Oswald, Gourmet & Gadgets, Connie Hall, Joan Henry, Annette Higle, Jean Hurst, Corrine Huseby, Maria Iturriaga, Christa Kaino, Georgia Karel, Sammie Masterson, Elisha Miller, Paula Post, Nancy Reid, Julie Riel, Connie Robbins, Jennifer Robey, Heidi Sands, Jennifer Schirm, Toni Siegner, Rebecca Thein, Janae Trindle, Ann Vloedman, Nancy Walker, Samantha White, Catherine White, Petrina White, Cara Wilber, Stefanie Wiseman, Elaine Wulff, and First Community Credit Union.

Please keep an eye out for information about next year’s event, as there is always room in the Women’s Circle for more members!

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