We’ve had another successful year!

We’ve had another successful year!

Harney Hospital Foundation would like to thank Harney County and its visitors for another successful year!

Here are a few of the generous contributions that the Foundation received in 2020:

• NewSun Energy graciously donated $260,000 for the NewSun Energy & Harney District Hospital Specialty Care Clinic.

• Thomas Banton, Ed Staub & Sons, and COUNTRY Financial pitched in to purchase a stair chair for Harney District Hospital’s (HDH’s) EMS department.

• Attendees of the Foundation’s annual Men’s Guild 100 fundraiser purchased a laryngoscope for HDH EMS.

• Women’s Circle 100 attendees contributed funds toward the purchase of a new patient monitor for HDH’s infusion clinic.

With these contributions in place, the Foundation was able to make generous donations to HDH’s remodel and equipment funds in 2020.

The Foundation is looking forward to another year of supporting healthcare in Harney County!

NewSun Energy, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Kristen and Casey Shelman, and Left Coast Truck & Equipment Parts purchased Harney County Fair animals and donated them to the Foundation for a raffle. Proceeds of the raffle will be put toward the Foundation’s 2021 campaign to raise funds for a 3-D Tomo mammography machine. So far, we have raised $80,000 of our $310,000 goal.

Thank you for your support!

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