The Adams Family — A Grateful Patient Story

The Adams Family — A Grateful Patient Story

Meet the Adams Family – no, we’re not talking about the 1960s sitcom. This rural Harney County family has a story to tell.

It all started when they were bringing their youngest and only girl, Sunny, into the world. Denise (Mom) had delivered two of three boys right here at Harney District Hospital. She was not exactly ready for Sunny to arrive on this particular day, as her regular physician was not available. But Denise and husband, Glen, headed to the hospital from their home in rural Harney County, ready to meet their sweet new girl – who was clearly running on her own time.
Denise remembers being a bit disappointed that her physician, who had been with her since the beginning, was not going to be there for the final leg. However, her worries were fully alleviated by the wonderful care she received from all the staff.

As the day unfolded, and just as the Adams prepared to become a party of six, a freak, rare medical emergency occurred. Denise found the room suddenly bustling at a different pace, and she was in severe pain. But as Denise later described, “I was in pain, but not once did I feel in danger or scared.”

Denise’s team of doctors paid special attention to her family’s needs emotionally as they sent her back for surgery. Glen remembers thinking he was thankful they paused on the way out, so he and Denise could have a brief moment.

As Denise was taken in for surgery, she remembers a feeling of comfort as the surgical nurses and nurse anesthetist welcomed her with open arms into their care.

Denise had a very successful surgery. She later learned that in fact, this particular emergency medical condition has a survival rate of 50 percent – one in every two mothers do not make it through.

While in recovery, the Adams family was visited by many doctors and nurses – some of whom were not even involved in her treatment but had just wanted to express to her how strong she was.

“They all made me feel like a superstar,” Denise said.

“I feel so fortunate to have had the team I had.”

Denise’s story didn’t fully end there. After she went home, she experienced some odd feelings that she didn’t remember occurring with her other children. One quick conversation with her physician and an EKG (electrocardiogram) later, she realized the trauma she endured had left fluid around her heart. Her physician created a plan for follow-up, and she left feeling thankful once again.
The Adams family was kind enough and willing to share their story with Harney Hospital Foundation as we start our Grateful Patient program. It not only allows the Adams to share their story but gives back to the people who helped them at Harney District Hospital and supports quality health care in Harney County.

For more information about Harney Hospital Foundation and the Grateful Patient program, visit, or call 541-573-8609.

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