Men’s Guild raises funds for MRI-safe bariatric wheelchair

Men’s Guild raises funds for MRI-safe bariatric wheelchair

Harney Hospital Foundation Manager Elisha Miller presents a check to Radiology Manager Christa Kaino (left) and Imaging Techs Jody Megan and Warren Gillespie (right) for an MRI-safe bariatric wheelchair.

On Aug. 26, Harney Hospital Foundation Manager Elisha Miller presented a $3,978.08 check to the Harney District Hospital (HDH) Imaging Department to cover the purchase of an MRI-safe bariatric wheelchair.
Back in April, the Foundation hosted the fourth annual Men’s Guild 100 to raise funds for healthcare improvements in Harney County.

In addition to enjoying dinner and drinks, attendees watched presentations about three pieces of equipment that were needed at HDH.

Travis Lock advocated for a transportation infusion pump for HDH Emergency Medical Services. Dan Winn campaigned for a bariatric recliner for the Surgery Department, and Imaging Tech Warren Gillespie encouraged attendees to vote for the MRI-safe bariatric wheelchair.

Thanks in part to Gillespie’s captivating presentation, the wheelchair received the most votes.

Thank you to the following members of the 2021 Men’s Guild 100 for their contributions, which made purchasing the wheelchair possible: Dwight Ausmus, Daniel Brown, Bill Cramer, Joseph Davis, David Ferre, Robert Frank, Warren Gillespi, Dan Grigg, Luke Hemphill, Claudio Iturriaga, Kyle Kaino, Forest Keady, Travis Lock, Mike Masterson, Chance Miller, John Nguyen, Robert (Bob) Oswald, Gale Prince, Harold Reid, Dusty Robey, Brian Robey, Dag Robinson, Kris Sanders, Rick Thein, Ty Volle, Toby White, Dan Winn, and Ronald Wulff.
Please keep an eye out for information about next year’s event, as the Mens Guild is always striving to increase its membership.

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