Employees help raise more than $4,000 for Foundation endowment

Employees help raise more than $4,000 for Foundation endowment

The Harney Hospital Foundation hosted the fourth annual Holiday Basket Campaign from Nov. 1 to Dec. 2, raising $4,302 for the Foundation’s endowment for future equipment purchases.

Donated by Surgery and Infusion, the ‘Get Cozy with Pendleton’ was this year’s favorite.

Seven holiday baskets were donated by various teams of hospital employees. The Harney Hospital Foundation Board also donated a basket, bringing the total number of baskets to eight.

This year, the Foundation continued the tradition of counting the number of tickets sold for each basket. Donated by Surgery and Infusion, the “Get Cozy the Pendleton Way” basket was this year’s favorite. In addition to earning the coveted G.O.A.T. Trophy, Surgery and Infusion will be treated to a pizza party.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone who donated items toward this year’s holiday baskets. These contributions were essential to the overall success of the fundraiser.

The Foundation would also like to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets for a chance to take home one of the amazing holiday baskets.

This year’s basket winners are as follows:

Get Cozy with Pendleton (donated by Surgery and Infusion) — Danyelle Peters
The Regifter (donated by Materials, Outreach, Marketing, Safety, and Facilities) — Lynette Hicks
Feeling Lucky (donated by Physical Therapy) — Lari Higgins
Family Game Night (donated by Admitting) — Dan Grigg
Wilderness Escape (donated by Radiology) — Theresa Craig
Staycation (donated by the Family Care clinic) — Sierra Phillips
It’s All Red (donated by Human Resources, Payroll, and Health Information Management) — Amy Nicholls

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