2020 Women’s Circle 100

2020 Women’s Circle 100

We are inviting you to join Women’s Circle 100, a fundraiser by Harney Hospital Foundation. Our purpose is to help improve and expand healthcare at Harney County Health District.

With Circle 100, we’re keeping it simple, so you know exactly what we’re asking from you: One annual meeting + one annual check for $100. No more, we promise.

The goal? To create a giving circle with 100 women donating $100 each, so together we generate $10,000 for Harney Hospital Foundation. 

Bonus this year: For every $100 donation, you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to a local business.

Because we are concerned for your safety, the 2020 event will be held virtually.

To become a member of Women‘s Circle 100, simply watch these three brief presentations and make your donation and selection online. Online voting will close August 17.

Used for ultrasound probes, this high-level disinfection system is automated, fast, safe, and more convenient for staff. The system is designed to protect patients and staff using environmentally-friendly chemicals. It is harmless for staff to operate and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

A patient monitor would fully equip Harney District Hospital’s (HDH’s) Infusion Clinic. This monitor will be a great addition as we finish up our pharmacy remodel and reopen the oncology section of the HDH Infusion Clinic.

HDH Nursing aims to update and streamline the care that little hearts receive. This new warmer would
better support our patient-centered development and bring more stability to patient care.

If you prefer to vote by mail, simply print the ballot, make your selection, enclose your donation, and mail it to P.O. Box 1025, Burns, OR 97720 by August 14.

If you have questions, please call Foundation Manager Elisha Miller at 541-573-8609 or email foundation@harneydh.com.


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